Do you live in a Hostile or Friendly World?

When you think of a “genius” who do you think of?  Many people, including myself would think of Albert Einstein.  We all know he came up with the Theory of Relativity.  But Einstein has so many memorable quotes about life it is astounding.  One such quote I read recently reminded me of something I’ve been working on in my own mind in order to create some changes in my life.

“The most important decision you’ll ever make is whether you decide to live in a Universe that is supportive and friendly or one that is hostile and unkind”.

There are many parts of this quote that make you think.  First off, when Einstein says “The most important decision you’ll ever make” doesn’t that make you stop, pause and think?  To take it seriously?  It certainly did for me.  Living in a hostile or friendly Universe…is that really a decision?  Let’s dig deeper…

We all experience outside influences in our life that are not so pleasant.  The world in general can be a difficult place to thrive, let alone just survive.  There are personal battles within relationships.  Disease, loss of loved ones, bosses, kids, money and a massive pool of challenging experiences we encounter.  How does this not create a hostile Universe?

The answer, and what Einstein was saying was that it is the perception in your own mind that makes things either hostile or supportive.  We don’t have the power to control the outside world (Or do we? But that’s another post).  What we do have control over is how we PERCEIVE said events.  How we interpret the events.  What story to we attach to it.  What emotions we attach to it.

Let’s say you go through a painful breakup.  You can look at a failed relationship as a failure.  That you’re not good enough.  That you’re not loveable.  That you were wronged, slighted or screwed over.  Or maybe you try and convince yourself that you don’t give a fuck.  They weren’t worthy of you anyway.  They weren’t the right one for you.  Blame them for the failure.  Personally I think not giving a fuck can only work for a small number of people.  People with a full range of deep emotions will never truly thrive in trying to convince themselves that they don’t care.  This will not align with their true self and is just a defense mechanism that will not yield lasting peace.  Ah and yet there’s another way of thinking.  That you learned something that will help you in future relationships.  That you’re grateful to that person for what you learned and the experiences that you shared that were good.  That this relationship leads you one step closer to the right one.  The one of your dreams.  That through this pain you develop a clearer vision of what you want.  Taking responsibility for your part in the relationship that didn’t work.

Changing our perceptions of events will change your actual brain chemistry.  It will also open up new neural pathways which will in time replace the old negative neural highways you’re using now.  Release more productive chemicals which will change the emotions attached to our experiences.  And how we FEEL is what it’s all about!  Feeling good, great, comfortable or at peace is what we all strive for.  This will in turn make us more attractive to our next partner.

We can’t control the outside world.  But we can control what happens in our mind.  IT AIN’T EASY!  LOL.  But through time, and diligent effort.  We can all change the way we think.  It all starts with being a keen observer of the thoughts that appear in your head.  Remember, you are not your thoughts.  The real you is the observer of your thoughts.  The observer gets to choose which thoughts to put at the forefront of your mind and how we operate.

Action Step:  Observe your thoughts as they arise.  Ask yourself “Does this thought or way of thinking serve me in feeling good about myself and move me closer to my goals”?  If the answer is no, then tell that thought, “No thank you, not now”, and choose a different thought to replace it.  One that makes your Universe supportive and friendly!  That Einstein really was a frickin genius.

Be kind to yourself my friends!