One of the things that can hold us all back is if we’re scattered.  Scattered in our brains, scattered with what goes where or scattered with our time.  I recommend taking the time to set up systems to make things easier for you.  File organization (paper and digital), keep a calendar and even your closets can all slow you down or keep you on track.

I also believe in cleanliness.  Make your bed.  Keep your room clean.  Clean your kitchen.  The less clutter you have to look at in your life the better.  With all the eye candy and distractions in the world today, you want your office and home to be free of these preventable distractions.  I even go as far as having my home professionally cleaned from time to time.  I recently had my carpets cleaned by Powerhouse Carpet Cleaning and I can’t tell you what a difference it made in the appearance of my home.  It smelled good, looked great and made everything look and feel fresh.

Spend 10 minutes dusting.  Clean your floors.  Replace the cauld in your tub and shower.  All these things improve the appearance of your live/work space and I believe that the cleaner the space, the cleaner your mind.  If you spend 10 minutes a day cleaning and organizing SOMETHING, you will see the difference in your sense of calmness and increase production and creativity.  You might think I’m crazy but it works for me!

Action Step:  Spend just 10 minutes a day cleaning and organizing something.  Do it consistently for one week and I’m telling you, you will feel better and and that’s what it’s all about right?  Till next time…Get after it!