The Feeling of being Alive

Today’s post is about a quote I read over the weekend.  The quote is by Joseph Campbell.  The preeminent scholar on cultural myths and comparative religion.  Many of you may have been exposed to his interview series with Bill Moyers from 30 years ago.  His interpretations about life and the human experience is just as relevant today.

 “People say what we are all seeking is a meaningful life, but I don’t think that’s what we are really seeking, I think what we are really seeking is the experience of truly being alive”

I believe this is absolutely true.  When we are participating in activities or spending time with our favorite people we feel more alive.  We should all seek to do more of these things and spend more time with people that make us feel alive.

Feeling alive does not necessarily mean being in your comfort zone.  Quite the contrary.  Challenges and being scared of something can and will create a feeling of being alive.

Action Step:  Identify the activities and the people who make you feel alive.  Do more of these things and spend more time with these people.  This will lead to a more enjoyable life.