Welcome to my website!

     Hey guys, welcome to my new website called CC The Huntress.  I have created this site to talk about what I call “chasing the ghosts” of life.  What do I mean by ghosts?  I’m talking about the things we are all in search of…The meaning of life, why are we here?  What is happiness?  How to obtain it.  How to reach your full potential as a human being.  Emotional fitness, mental toughness and peace of mind.

I will talk about goals, habits, routines, mental programing, limiting beliefs and everything else I am reading and talking about with my friends.  The goal is to solidify these concepts in my mind as well as inform and educate my friends (you the reader) on reaching our full potential as human beings.  To find happiness, contentment and peace in our head (instead of endless, ridiculous chatter that serves no one but entertains our devious mind).

I am also going to be focused on more than just concepts.  I will always include “action steps” to encourage you to put the concepts we discuss into action.  At this stage of my life I am very aware that learning about a thing does not create change.  It’s entertainment.  Creating change is hard work that requires practice and consistency.  In today’s world we read encouragement and self help slogans constantly.  But we quickly move on to the next shiny article and forget all about the brilliant thing we just read.  I will encourage you to put these concepts into your life and act on them knowing it will improve your life.

One last thing for today.  Epiphany’s are great when they happen.  And sometimes you can experience a moment that is so powerful it elicits lasting change.  But more often, in order to make changes in your life it’s more about little changes and doing them consistently.  Great things come from doing the right thing consistently.  Plodding along to greatness!

     Action step #1:  What is it you really want and why?  If your goals don’t align with this you will be sidetracked easily.  Conversely if your goals are aligned with your “Why”, you will be able to overcome the obstacles that will appear along the way.  And obstacles will come my friends.  The bigger your vision, the more obstacles you will encounter.  Knowing your why is critical.

See you soon my friends!